*mandatory information

If you have any further questions, please call our claims department: +49 221 925488-78.


Dear customer, please be advised that if you do not give us truthful information with deliberate intention or no information at all or do not make the respective bills and receipts available to us, you will lose your entitlement to your insurance benefit. If you violate these obligations in a grossly negligent manner you will in fact not lose your entitlement completely but we can cut our benefits in relation to the severity of your fault. The benefits will not be cut if you can prove that the obligation was not violated in a grossly negligent manner. If you violate the obligation for information or support or for the delivery of bills and receipts fraudulently, no actions shall lie against the insurance company.

4 steps to a speedy claim processing

1. Your accident report.

Fill out every space as completely as possible.
Include in your description of “What happened” road conditions, time of day, weather conditions, what property may have been damaged, injuries…anything and everything that pertains to the incident.

2. Itemized repair estimate in writing from the garage of your choice.

Check out our direct repair program that will provide you with a rental car free of charge. Assistance will be given to you from Monday to Friday, 9:00 – 17:00 h (CET).

3. Please send us a copy of the MP/Polizei Report.

This is required for every claim.

4. Lien holder Authorization.

This is a letter from your lien holder/bank authorizing the insurance company to pay the garage doing your repairs directly, and where to send payment (preferably a German address and bank account where possible) in the event your vehicle is deemed a “total loss”.

This letter is required by German law.

Please call your agent if you have any questions!