If you choose us as your insurance provider, we’ll reward you with a 30€ ESSO voucher. Just fill out the request form below in order to receive a free quote for your car and get your contract ready for vehicle registration. Afterwards you'll receive the reward. For more details see below.

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    Where will the vehicle be registered?*USAREURGerman registry

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    Actual Cash Value in USD* (max. value 95,000 USD)

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    Third Party Liability Insurance incl. Motor Assistance Coverage (mandatory)*[tooltips "

    Third Party Liability - for damages caused to others by your vehicle

    Covers damages if the use of your vehicle causes injury to or the death of a person, damages or destroys property, or such property is lost, causes economic losses which are neither directly or indirectly connected with damage to persons or property, and if claims for damages are made towards you or your liability insurer due to liability conditions for motor vehicles, which are also defined by the Law on mandatory insurance of the responsibility for motor vehicles, also defined as German Civil Code or the Road Traffic Law, or due to other legal liability conditions of private law. Limits: 100 million EUR per year and 12 million EUR per each bodily injury

    This is general information and is not legally binding.


    Important note: Comprehensive and collision coverage are only available for cars not older than 10 years. However, cars financed by a bank are required to get full coverage (comprehensive & collision).

    Comprehensive Coverage (e.g. theft, broken windshield, natural hazard) Deductible 300 EUR*[tooltips "

    Comprehensive — Including Windscreen / Window Clause

    Covers damage caused to the insured vehicle by the following perils: fire, theft, burglary, glass, or vandalism in connection with theft (only if the intention was theft). This insurance has a deductible of EUR 300. Comprehensive coverage does not include use of a rental car in the event of a covered loss or roadside assistance. If a window is broken by any cause and it can be repaired, it will be repaired free of charge. If the window needs to be replaced, a deductible of EUR 300 will apply.

    This is general information and is not legally binding.


    Collision Coverage (own damage) Deductible 500 EUR (Note: If you select to have Collision Coverage, you will also carry Comprehensive Coverage with a 300 EUR deductible)*[tooltips "

    Collision Loss/Full - Including Comprehensive:

    In addition to the coverage given under Comprehensive above, this insurance covers damage caused to your vehicle from vandalism and damage to your vehicle due to COLLISION. This insurance has a deductible of EUR 500 for cars and EUR 300 for motorcycles. Collision Loss/Full coverage does not include use of a rental car in the event of a covered loss or roadside assistance.

    This is general information and is not legally binding.


    Loyalty Repair Program?*[tooltips "

    Loyalty Repair Program (applicable only for Comprehensive / Collision Coverage)

    As a reward for enrolling, a discount will be applied to your Comprehensive/Collision premiums. In the event of a claim, you agree to use one of our preferred repair shops for any accident repairs. We commission the repair work and bear the costs of the vehicle repair. In addition, the car shall be transported from the place of damage or your home to the selected workshop, the car shall be cleaned (interior and exterior), and the return transport of the car shall be free of charge. For the duration of the repair, a replacement vehicle of the lowest class will be provided (up to 21 days).

    This is general information and is not legally binding.


    Effective Date of Coverage*[tooltips "

    If unsure, what day do you expect your vehicle to arrive in Germany?


    PCS Date / DEROS

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    Third Party LiabilityThird Party Liability & Comprehensive CoverageThird Party Liability & Collision Coverage (incl. Comprehensive Coverage)

    I hereby consent to my data submitted in the contact form being collected and processed in order to answer my request. Please note: You can withdraw your consent anytime via email to privacy@mirascon.com. Please see our privacy statement for detailed information about user data handling.

    Terms and Conditions of the KMC Find-It-Guide Promotion

    1. Subject matter of the Conditions of Participation and Organizer
    (1) These conditions of participation regulate the conditions for participation in our (MIRASCON Versicherungsagentur GmbH aka “MIRASCON Insurance Agency”) Find-It-Guide voucher offer and for any transfers of rights where necessary.
    (2) The organizer of the campaign is MIRASCON Versicherungsagentur GmbH, Amsterdamer Str. 206, 50735 Cologne, Germany, herein after called MIRASCON.
    (3) By participating in this offer these terms and conditions are accepted.
    (4) The offer is under no circumstances affiliated with the suppliers of prizes, nor is it sponsored, organized, or financed by any third-party. AdvantiPro GmbH and ESSO Deutschland GmbH are not official sponsors for this offer.

    2. Participation
    (1) All individuals who are over the age of 18 are eligible to participate if they are in possession of a valid ID card and are stationed in Germany under the SOFA Agreement or residing as an Expat in Germany.
    (2) Eligible participants can receive the reward by:
    - Using the original coupon from the KMC Find-It-Guide 2023 edition and scan the QR code, or visit www.mirascon.com/FIG30 in order to get an insurance policy
    - Requesting a free quote for the insurable vehicle via the designated form on that website.

    3. Reward and Transfer
    (1) The new insurance contract will be rewarded by a 30.00 EUR Esso voucher.
    (2) The applicant is entitled for the reward if a successful contract is finalized between January 3rd, 2023, and December 30th, 2023, and the designated QR code or visited website www.mirascon.com/FIG30 has been used for the prior initial quote request.
    (3) This reward offer is limited to the first 100 customers and limited to one per individual.
    (4) The reward can neither be exchanged nor paid out in cash.
    (5) The reward will be transferred by a physical mailing to the customer’s postal address, which is stated on the contractual paperwork of the insurance policy. In case of a change of address the customer must notify MIRASCON about the new residence address. Deliveries are only available to an address inside Germany, including respective APO/PCS addresses of military installations in Germany. By transferring the prize to a carrier, the risk of loss passes to the beneficiary. We are not responsible for delivery damages or failure.
    (6) The voucher card can be redeemed at least until January 1, 2026, at any Esso station that accepts the voucher cards. Participating Esso stations can be checked out here: Esso Stations. Esso vouchers are eligible to be used for buying gasoline, shopping or car wash services.
    (7) If circumstances arise beyond the organizer’s control, the respective beneficiary accepts a reasonable replacement.

    4. Exclusion
    (1) A violation of these conditions of participation entitles us to exclude the respective participant from participation.

    5. Early Termination and Changes
    MIRASCON reserves the right to terminate in full or in part or modify the reward offer at any time. Reasons might be technical, legal, or if a proper performance of the offer is no longer possible. If circumstances arise that result in a modification or termination of the offer (e.g. reaching the limit of entitled customers for the reward), MIRASCON will make an announcement on the website at www.mirascon.com/FIG30.

    6. Privacy
    The participant may at any time request information about the data stored related to his/her person. Our privacy policy applies accordingly, which is available at www.mirascon.com/privacy-statement/.

    7. Final Provisions
    (1) If the conditions of participation contain ineffective regulations, the validity of the remaining conditions remains unaffected.
    (2) German law applies. Regarding the offer, the recourse to the courts is excluded.

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