What are the terms and conditions of my insurance?

Follow the link to check the terms and conditions:

> POV Liability Insurance in Germany: GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS (underwriter Volkswohl Bund)

> POV Liability Insurance in Belgium: GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS (underwriter Amlin) [EN] / GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS (underwriter Amlin) [FR]

> POV Comp./Coll. Insurance in the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland: GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS (underwriter Lloyd's)

> Marine Insurance: MMI TERMS AND CONDITIONS (underwriter ALTE LEIPZIGER).

Why are you still debiting my account even though I have cancelled my policy?

You have to send your de-registration form/certificate, shipping papers or your junking papers to contact@mirascon.de or by fax to: +49 (221) 92548866. Once we have received this information, we will cancel your contract as of the respective Date. Please, prove or send us your actual address, your email and your (German) bank details. Thus we can refund any overpayment. Additionally, please contact your bank and cancel your Recurring Payment Order/ Standing Payment Order to the insurance company (Volkswohl-Bund).

How can I cancel my policy?

In order to cancel your policy, you must provide us with a written request of cancellation before November 30th in order NOT to renew your policy automatically on January 1st. If you sell, ship or junk your vehicle, please provide us with a copy of the de-registration form/certificate from Vehicle Registration (USAREUR, BFG), shipping papers or junking papers and we will be able to terminate your policy as of the respective date.

What should I do if I deploy and my vehicle goes into military storage/temporary withdrawal?

If you deploy and your vehicle goes into government storage/temporary withdrawal, you must provide us with a copy of your storage form/temporary withdrawal form. With this form, we will be able to suspend your policy for up to one year. However, please be aware NOT ALL Financing Companies (lien holders) will allow to suspend your policy while your car is in storage/temporary withdrawal. We recommend you to check that out.

Does my insurance cover me while my car/motorcycle is being shipped?

No, your insurance only covers your vehicle while it is registered in Germany. As soon as you ship your vehicle, this insurance is void. When you ship your vehicle, you should get covered with MARINE INSURANCE. Please get an affordable MIRASCON MARINE INSURANCE quote HERE!

I need proof of insurance to be sent to my Financing Company (lien holder). Where can I get this?

If you need proof of insurance to be sent to your Financing Company (lien holder), please send us a message with the subject line „proof of insurance“ through our contact form.  Go to Contact Form here.

Who is allowed to drive my vehicle?

Anyone who has a valid driver’s license is allowed to drive your vehicle with your permission.

Do I need to put my spouse on the policy?

Your spouse does not need to be listed on your policy as long as she/he has a valid USAREUR driver’s license. If you are registering with BFG or German Registry, you will need a valid international driver’s license. Please be aware that the insurance rate is calculated according to the age of the youngest driver.

Who is my point of contact?

Your point of contact will always be your local agent. Click here to find the Agency closest to you. If your local agent is not available to you, you can also contact us directly through our contact form. Just let us know how we can be of any help and we will get back to you ASAP. Go to Contact Form here.

How do I renew my insurance?

Your insurance renews automatically EVERY January 1st: You have a continuous policy.