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Sponsorship by MIRASCON

MIRASCON is honored to be a sponsor of the incredible young men and women of the USYS Stuttgart Soccer Club! The growth and opportunity it provides to the kids of our local communities and is exactly why we want to sponsor! We also sponsored smaller events like the Irish Dance Event at Congress Centre Ramstein a few weeks ago!

Breakdown? Roadside Assistance!

Travelling in or out of Germany?!

Make sure to give us a call at 0800-MIRASCON for information about your Roadside Assistance today!!

Already on the road and know you have MIRASCON Roadside Assistance? Check out the numbers below for assistance in and out of Germany! 👇👇

For calls inside of Germany: 0800-CARCLAIM

For calls outside of Germany: +49 221 925488-79

4th of July Giveaway Campaign

Until 4th of July, 2020 we at MIRASCON are offering you the chance to win an iPhone SE (256 GB) or 550 USD in cash.

To participate in the campaign, visit us on Instagram and Facebook to check out the giveaway post and see what you need to do in order to enter for your chance to win. You can enter the giveaway today! The winner will be drawn on July 04th, 2020 and to be announced on our social media pages. Here you can see the terms and conditions of the giveaway: TERMS & CONDITIONS


COVID-19 #StayHome

At the recommendation of the German Government and for the health and safety of our customers and staff, we have decided to temporarily close our offices as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

We are in the office during regular work hours, but ask for your understanding in not seeing any walk-in customers; however, we will still be able to process all policies via email or via phone.

We would like to help you and all people stay healthy.

For this reason we would like to list the most important measures with which you can avoid the spreading the COVID-19 virus.

  • Respect the contact ban for meetings with more than two people.
  • Keep a distance of at least 1.5 to 2 m to other people.

According to the motto #WirBleibenZuhause / #StayHome you can help stop the virus.

Stay healthy.

Should you have questions concerning your insurance or need a quote, we are happy to assist you via phone or email.

Bad Weather Alert

With icy roads and road conditions worsening, we put together a few tips for you to follow:

1. Winter Tires are a must on snow, icy or wet road conditions. Make sure you have enough air pressure in the tires. Underinflated tires offer less traction, can reduce fuel mileage, can wear out the tire prematurely and cause irreparable damage that compromises your safety on the road.

2. Use a quarter to measure tread depth in your tires. Tires with more tread depth offer additional traction to keep a grip on the road. This helps for driving through sleet, slush, and snow, reduce hydroplaning and helps prevent accidents.

3. Keep your distance from other vehicles.Following the 2 seconds rule is often recommended while driving. If you’re driving 2 seconds behind a vehicle driving at 30 mph, and four seconds at 60 mph, those times should be doubled in wet conditions and tripled for snow.

4. Drive smoothly and brake as gentle as if you had hot coffee in your hand. Slamming on your breaks can make your car skid and lose control.

5. Your car must be completely clear of snow. Being a “peephole” driver is a big cause of accidents in dangerous conditions. Clear off snow from windows, mirrors, and roof before you drive off.

Valentine’s Day giveaway “Dinner for Two”

Image Valentines Day Giveaway

What could be lovelier than enjoying a nice dinner with your special someone.

Until Valentine’s Day, February 14th, 2020 we at MIRASCON are offering you the chance to win a nice dinner for two in a restaurant of your choice in Germany, valued at 250 EUR.

To participate in the raffle visit our social media platforms on Instagram and Facebook and check out the giveaway post to see what you need to do to save your chance to win. Hurry up and take your chance. The winner will be drawn on February 14th, 2020.

Here you can see the terms and conditions of the raffle:

Lucky winner “Spin to Win”

MIRASCON Spin-to-win game

We are happy to announce this year’s winner of the Fourth of July “SPIN TO WIN!” game at Ramstein Freedom Fest: Katerina! She was the lucky winner of this year’s grand prize –
an all-inclusive trip for two to the infamous Oktoberfest. Congratulations, Katerina!

We wish a terrific weekend in Munich full of festivities!

Child safety at home

Many childhood accidents at home are preventable. About half of all injuries requiring treatment are caused by a home accident, and among the 1 to 2 year olds, about 85 percent.

Trying to look at your house from a child’s perspective is the most important step in ensuring more safety – and yes, that includes squatting down to literally see things from their perspective. You will be able to see potential hazards and talk about those with your children and improve their awareness.

Some common but very helpful tips include:

– Assemble the furniture so that it can’t tip over
– Upholster edges of furniture
– Avoid tripping hazards
– Make sure drawers can’t slip out
– Put child safety items on sockets and power lines
– Children like to climb out of the window, so the bars should be barred – preferably with lockable handles
– Border a balcony, make sure that no climbing aids like large flowerpots are standing close to the edge
– Slumber lights are helpful for children to find their way around in the dark
– If you have a pond, it should definitely be fenced
– Never leave a child alone in the bathroom – infants can drown even in low water in the bathtub
– Use anti-slip mats to avoid slips in the bathroom
– After the use of electrical appliances in the bathroom, immediately put them out of your child’s reach

It is also important to teach children the correct behavior in dangerous situations. In case of fire this means: get out of the room quickly, alert adults, call the fire department, leave the apartment. Attach the emergency phone number like 112 in Germany somewhere big and visible close to the phone.

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