Car Safety

Drive safe, be safe. The products we use every day have a big impact on our well-being, so safety should play a key role. For example, did you know that 80 percent of car seats are installed incorrectly? Your safety is important to us. Check out our tips on how to avoid an accident and other safety advice:

Always wear your seatbelt. You’re legally required to wear it, no matter where you are, what car you’re driving or where you’re going. Besides that they are lifesavers.

Engine oil
You should check the level of your engine oil at least once a month with a cold car on level ground.

According to a new study, a quarter of all accidents is caused by the use of a smartphone while driving – that is around 50.000 accidents in Germany per year. It only takes one or two seconds to miss something that causes an accident, so put your phone away while you’re on the road!

Safety Distance
Don’t drive up too close to the car in front of you. Give yourself enough time to react, at least two seconds, in case of a sudden incident. In addition, don’t forget to tur on your hazard lights in a traffic jam.

Inspect your car belts and hoses
Check your car belts and hoses for signs of stress, or cracks among the hoses.

Check your brakes
Get your brakes checked regularly. Breaks that don’t work properly are the easiest way to get into a horrifying accident.

Check the tire air pressure
Use an accurate tire-pressure gauge to check the pressure in each tire, including the spare one, once a month and before any longer trip. The segment of the tire which touches the ground shouldn’t be bigger than a post card.

Assess the Air Filter
Remove the air-filter element of your car and hold it up to a strong light. If you don’t see light shining through, replace it.

Overtake left
Only pass other cars on the left side when you’re on the Autobahn.

Use your hands
Keep both hands on the wheel to have more control while you’re driving.

And, last but not least, the most obvious, but also incredibly important ones:

  Don’t drink and drive and don’t drive when you’re too tired!

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Cologne Tips

Mirascon‘s headquarter is located in Cologne, Germany.

We love our city for it‘s people, beer and – of course – the Dom.

If you’re planning a trip to Cologne, we have some insider tips on what you definitely have to do while you’re here:

  • The Altstadt (old town) in Cologne has really pretty buildings, which lie right at the river Rhine. At night, this is also one of the places-to-be for a fun night out.
  • Just next to the old town is the Cologne cathedral, a UNESCO world heritage site. It’s what Cologne is famous for and worth the climb up into one of the two towers.
  • After you’ve visited the Dom, walk across the railroad bridge to get the perfect picture of Cologne.
  • There is no way around it, you have to visit a brewery. You’ll sit down and get a Kölsch (Cologne beer) right away without asking for it.



  • Cologne is full of cafes & bars. A few nice ones are:

– Salon Schmitz for tasty ice-cream and a beautiful location

– Café Buur for good breakfast all day long

– Früh am Dom (This is one of the breweries that also has amazing German food)

  • If you’re younger and looking for places for a fun night out, you should check out the Zülpicher Straße and “Ringe” for all kinds of locations.
  • You want to go shopping? Check out Ehrenstrasse for smaller boutique shops or the Hohestraße and Schildergasse for the main shopping streets
  • Cologne is always fun, but if you’re looking for special events you should check out the many Christmas markets that take place in December, which are spread all over the city

Make your own experience and discover the spirit of Cologne!

New MIRASCON Agency In Baumholder

Have you seen our new MIRASCON office in Baumholder? Whether you want to insure your new vehicle or you wish to cover your household effects, our sales agent Trey Hebert is happy to welcome you and assist you with your insurance needs.
The office is open Monday – Friday from 9 am to 5 pm. You can also reach him via +49 6783 99988-91.

We are here to serve you. Roll on with MIRASCON!

MIRASCON Insurance Agency
Kennedyallee 9
55774 Baumholder

Charity Event Paderborn

MIRASCON sponsored the Christmas Charity Event in the name of the Lourdes RC Church at Normandy Barracks in Paderborn-Sennelager in December 2017.

The charity raffle was in support of a retirement home in Syria.

Ramstein Freedom Fest 2017

Thanks to all the guests of the 4th of July Freedom Fest 2017 in Ramstein!

It was a great event and we thank all the visitors at our MIRASCON tent.

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Freedom Fest 2017

Join the Ramstein 4th July Freedom Fest tomorrow and visit our MIRASCON booth at the Ramstein-Enlisted-Club-Parking-Lot. The event starts at 12 pm and ends with the official fireworks at 10.30 pm

Let’s celebrate the Independence Day together and get cool and trendy stuff for free.

See you there!